This is the official Submissions Page for the 2019-20 edition of Signatures Literary and Arts Print Magazine

Submissions for Signatures will open October 13, 2019 and stay open until January 13, 2020. 

Send us your best work - we can't wait to see it! We are eager to make Volume 35 absolutely brilliant. 

Just follow the instructions below:


  • The submission must be your original work (if your piece is a collaborative effort, mention the other artists in the statement section). This work must have been created in your time at RIT.
  • You must be a current RIT student in the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

It's also the Submissions Page for gl-ph, RIT's digital literature journal, currently gearing up for our Issue 01. (closing December 2019)


  • Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly - each category has a slightly different set of guidelines including file types, resolution, etc. 
  • IMPORTANT: if you are submitting more than one work in the same category (ie 2D imagery), please enclose them in the same submission! (you may include separate files)

You can either submit a single file with your work or a URL. If the work is accepted, we will work with you to figure out the best location to hold and archive the work.
  • All .jpgs should be at 300 PPI in Adobe RGB 1998.
    • All photos should also be 2000 pixels on the long edge.
    • If your work is accepted, we will contact you about a higher resolution file.
Please provide a .jpg image(s)

JPEGS should be 2000 Pixels on the long edge at 300 PPI

Word/Piece Counts:

Poetry - 5 poems.

Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction - 4,000 words.

Text/Image - 10 pages.

Please submit a .mov file or provide a working URL where your piece may be viewed (we do not accept password protected sites).

Please provide a .MP3, .MP4, or .WAV file of your tracks or a working URL where your tunes may be heard (we do not accept password protected sites).

*NOTE* Please keep your tracks under 5 minutes long
This category is meant for work that you might have sketched up in your notebook, blueprints, skeletons of projects, rough drafts, outtakes, layouts, etc. that all pertain to your creative process! Any medium, anything goes.

Word docs, URL, JPEGS.
JPEGS should be 2000 Pixels on the long edge at 300 PPI

Please follow the directions below to submit your initial file(s) for review. 

Please also keep these points in mind:

  • The submission must be your original work. 
  • When submitting anything image-like, please use a low resolution file. We will contact you if/when a higher resolution file is needed. 

  • Each person has 6 submissions available to them i.e. you can submit 2 photos, 2 poems, and 2 paintings, or 6 poems, etc
  • For prose submissions, please limit your submission to 2000 words.

NOTE: All prose and poetry submissions will automatically be considered for the English Department Creative Writing Awards. However, if you have a longer piece or more to submit, you must submit that separately in the Creative Awards category of this site.

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